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About The Project

Already the first days of life on the street have a devastating effect on personality. The project Roof First gives a helping hand to people who have lost their housing. Roof First provides housing in dormitories and shelters for up to two months. Allowing them to reach up to two months free accommodation in dormitories and shelters. It also provides the support of professionals who help homeless people in the process of looking for permanent housing, regaining missing documents, arranging for government support and searching for a job. New facilities and support of professionals to enable them to breathe again and assistance in finding housing, getting the missing documents, social benefits and job search.

Each newcomer has the opportunity to complete two steps:

  • 1. One month housing, free of charge.
  • 2. Second month of free housing when necessary.

The project is designed for those who:

  • just found themselves on the street or are motivated to get off the street,
  • they are in a stressful situation where continuing to live on the street can cause harm.

Getting a second month depends on the assessment of the social worker. The prerequisite is a willingness to cooperate on the part of the client. Social worker meets with the client as needed, at least once a week. Chance of reintegration into the project is available to clients who did not initially take advantage of the accommodation.

All the collected funds go to client's accommodation. We provide monthly updates with the status of incoming and outgoing funds and the number of supported clients. Operating costs of the project shall be paid for by The Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation, Vojtěch Sedláček and FOUNDATION NADĚJE.

Development of Project

The positive experience with the Roof First project in Prague resulted in interest from other towns. First joined Litomerice, where in a local shelter the city is already housing first client and the two families. The project has already been working in Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Plzeň, Písek and Klášterec nad Ohří. Help is provided to both individuals and entire families. We intend to further expand the project, such as a full-time living in shelters or in the homes with the support of a social worker.

The other good news is: Centrum sociálních služeb Bohuslava Bureše, which is run by Salvation Army in Prague has been actively involved since July 2016. Then joined R-mosty from Mladá Boleslav with a shelter for mothers with children and in the beginning of August joined Dům sv. Pavla run by Městská Charita České Budějovice.


The project is implemented


Patron and initiator of the project is Vojtěch Sedláček.


Administration of project provided by The Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation.


Until 31.12.2017, the project was implemented by FOUNDATION NADĚJE.

"A person on the street without resources is always somehow wounded, from the social point of view even seriously wounded. It is surprising how often a relatively small help can stop people from failing into permanent homelessness, and help them stand on their own feet."

- Vojtěch Sedláček

Numbers and Stories

Supported individuals

In 38 months of the project, you have given a chance to 1.094 homeless people.


      778 man     

   221 woman   

    95 families    


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Martina, 44 years - she came with her adult son to the day center after their two-day stay on the street. They lost their housing because of domestic violence. They escaped from Martina's mother´s violent boyfriend. The woman Martina is not eligible to seek services of the public and is discharged from the public employment office. Martina received shelter through of project Roof First. We accommodated her in a shelter. She found a job, she moved out of a shelter and started to live with her son again. Her son took part in the project too.

Number of nights: 33

Vojtěch, 58 years – he came to ask for help after his two-week stay on the street. Before he had lived in a rented apartment that he had payed for from his teacher´s wage. After his teacher position was cut, staff cutbacks he had worked as a storeman. Then he lost this job and he became homeless. Due to the project Roof First he could use the accomodation in a dormitory. Together with social workers he managed to regain his identity card and he registered himself with the on public employment office. By with the unemployment benefits he was able to pay accommodation in a shelter, where they helped him to find a new job.

Number of nights: 30

Lukáš, 20 years - he was on the street for a few days. He had an opportunity to get a job with accomodation, however, he would have had to pay rent for which he did not have money until then, he had not had money for the accommodation. Due to the project Roof First he was accomodated in a dormitory till he started his job and received housing through his new employer. lived in a rooming house.

Number of nights: 11

Ivan, 28 years - he had been robbed during his way to Germany, where he was promised to have a job. As he had not experienced such situation before, he was ashamed of it and he didn´t carry on to Germany anymore. after he received accommodations in a dormitory, he started...During his stay in a dormitory he started to co-operate with Job Club. He found occasional work and later a permanent job out of Prague.

Number of nights: 28

Petr, 36 years - he had worked for 11 years as a dustman garbage collector. After divorce he found himself on the street, where he had spent two months. He lost his identity card and then he lost his job. During his stay in a dormitory he managed to regain personal document and started to search for a job. First he found occasional work, later a permanent job. He left for living in a rooming house.

Number of nights: 30

Roman, 48 years - he came to NADĚJE to ask for help. He had been living with his girlfriend in a rooming house, but both have lost their jobs and found themselves on the street. Roman joined the project Roof First and was accommodated where he received accommodations in a dormitory. We solved his situation with a curator who helped him to expedite a registration on public employment office. We gave Roman many contacts for on the recruitment agencies and job offers. We helped him to regain his identity card and other documents that are necessary for getting a job. After two weeks Roman has found a part-time job in a store, then a permanent job was offered to him by a manager. Now, Roman lives in a shelter, has a job and he is actively working on paying off his debt from the past. solves the problems with his indebtedness from his past.

Number of nights: 30


You have already helped with the amount of 1 969 933 CZK.

The remaining funds will help 287 homeless people.

Paid for Housing: 1 682 295 CZK
Still available: 287 638 CZK
  • Already CZK 1,000 may help resolve the situation of a person who has just found him/herself on the street.
  • Already 22 days of the roof over your head may help resolve the acute crisis situation of a person who just lost home.
  • 58% of homeless people who participated in the project were able to improve their situation.


Updated on December 31, 2017


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  • DONATION 50.001 - 100.000 CZK
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Partner Name: Výbor dobré vůle – Nadace Olgy Havlové, projekt Nejdřív střecha
IBAN: CZ31 0300 0000 0004 7843 7383, BIC (SWIFT): CEKOCZPP, Variable Symbol (Reference Number): 201405
BANK: CSOB, a.s. (Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.), BANK ADRESS: Radlická 333/150, 150 57 Praha 5


Who is of your help?

For people who just found themselves on the street without support and without a job and need to quickly bounce from the bottom, those who decided to fight the loss of home and are motivated to start again, or people who are in acute situations where their next stay on the street meant harm to life.

What specifically will support

The proceeds contributions provide for the first two months of accommodation for homeless people, who then have a chance to make sense of their situation and begin to solve it. Accommodation are available gain in dormitories (only offer overnight stays)) or shelters (offering all-day stay). Gradually we would like to focus on providing full-day living in shelters or homes with the support of a social worker. Part of the project is the inclusion of intensive training of social and psychological counseling.

Why this should help

Already the first days of life on the street have a devastating effect on personality. It is therefore important that the time of life on the street as short as possible. Project roof first offers people who lost the roof over their head, a helping hand and enable them to gain time for orienting themselves in their situation, regain all necessary documents, find work and so ON. It depends on them whether they take the offer of help.

What it brings to a specific HOMELESS person homeless?

Stability, time, space, and especially the chance to return to normal life before completely sinking into life on the streets.

How do I calculate the amount that may help one client

The Clients beneficiaries of the project receive an overnight stay in a dormitory or an all-day accommodation in a shelter. It depends on their current situation and the availability of vacancies. In case the client does not have health limitations, or does not work at night, we prefer dormitory. Price per night in a dormitory is about four times cheaper than the price of living in a shelter. Approximately 85% of the clients sleep in a dormitory. Price of CZK 1,000, which can help a client and is based on the calculation of the amount granted for an average night for successful clients. Clients who were most helped by the project, needed to solve their situation within an average of 22 days.

How can I support the project

Projet can support sending funds to the account with the variable symbol, which we have set aside for the project. All funds will go directly to pay for the stay of specific clients.


The Committee of Good Will
- Olga Havel Foundation

Senovážné nám. 994/2,
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: +420 224 217 331
IČO: 00406066
Website: www.vdv.cz/en/


Mgr. Monika Granja
Phone: +420 224 217 085
Email: granja@vdv.cz


Vojtěch Sedláček
patron and initiator of the project
Phone: +420 608 971 236
Email: provas@volny.cz


Web development: Invisible.cz